“You know that feeling you get of uncomfortableness when you walk into a nail salon and all of the ladies just kind of stare at you like, “Yea? What do you want?!” Well, that doesn’t happen here.

I’ve been searching for a new nail salon since I moved and this was the first place that I walked into and when I told them I had an appointment at 5:30, they knew who I was. Everyone smiled and was very friendly. The lady who did my nails is Annie. I’m very picky and always want some kind of crazy design, glitter, or air brush and she was FANTASTIC.

The manager cared about my opinion of the shop, asked me if I was happy with my full set, and even took a picture for their portfolio.

I plan on getting a pedicure there soon…the massage chairs look SO comfortable and relaxing.

I don’t think they’re expensive. I’ve definitely been to cheaper salons, but you get what you pay for.

Rating: ★★★★★
Melanie K.
Sacramento, CA

“Staff super nice and the service was wonderful. The massage chairs can hurt if you don’t control the massage functions right. The pedicure I got was $30 but it looks SO good! My favorite shade of purple with cute flowers on top. I’ll be back next week for a manicure.

Clean, efficient, friendly, approachable business.”

Rating: ★★★★☆
Elite ’11
Sacramento, CA

“I learned about the pedicures at Expo Nail and Spa incidentally at a holiday party in 2008. The woman who told me about it said she went there when she had time, because “it takes so long!” She’s right. A spa treatment complete with leg massage and hot wax is included in their basic pedicure. The shop is spotless, well-ventilated, and tastefully decorated. Great selection of OPI colors or bring your own. It’s a bit out of the way, by Costco, a couple doors down from Starbucks. I’ve been going here for two years. I went today and my husband loves my “I’m Not Really a Waitress” twinkle toes!”

Rating: ★★★★★
Catherine F.
Sacramento, CA

“I go here to get my eyebrows waxed. The price is very reasonable, only $10. The lady does an AWESOME job and she really takes her time. There is never a stray hair and she arches them beautifully. I haven’t gotten a mani/pedi here yet, but it’s on my to-do list!”

Rating: ★★★★★
Sidney J.
Davis, CA

“Recently moved to the Arden/Expo area and wanted to try this place out for my new nail shop. Boy oh boy am I happy this was the first place I tried.

When you first walk in you’re going to think that it’s expensive, but I can assure for what you get the prices are very reasonable. It’s very clean, and they are very professional.

The pedicures are to die for here! The cheapest spa pedicure is $25 and it lasts long and you get the usual, plus parafin wax. I always opt out for the “number A” (hahaha) which is $40, a little expensive, but well worth the price! You will be in that chair for almost an hour and half, you get the spa bath, multiple foot and leg massages, with your choice of scented lotion, hot stone massage and of course the parafin. Oh and don’t forget your choice of water, iced or hot tea with your visit also!

I have also had a manicure there which was equally amazing. It included the usual plus parafin for your hands and a hand/arm/shoulder massage.

On top of their nail expertise, their waxing is also good. It’s a good price and I’ve never had a problem with my eye brows!

So glad I found this place, they are professional, nice, and go above and beyond!!”

Rating: ★★★★★
Sara B.
Sacramento, CA

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